Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Eye C U

 photo 72cd41e1-3a52-40af-ae4d-ce8adb8ebe11_zpsj213mztc.jpg

Disney released a set of individual character posters for Star Wars: The Force Awakens today...

 photo f0f776ff-2bfd-4c30-b126-bf55b4c0184a_zpsy4wfwaoc.jpg

 photo 64f71636-3c07-4cb4-8f9f-f80f8a1d7ffb_zpsffnusrb3.jpg

 photo 02cab269-e9b8-4883-9091-cd6d39660701_zpsn33l5qdg.jpg

 photo 7379a514-7c99-4c6c-8414-68f45e82520d_zpsxxwka09e.jpg

They're pretty decent and, with the absence of one for Luke Skywalker, continue the mystery around why he's not being featured on the main film poster and, now, these.

Maybe he's just having a manopause-related acne breakout and requested some time to heal before being ready for his close-up.

Mystery solved.

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