Friday, February 12, 2016

Grace Under Fire

 photo 002ba924-13bd-4af3-8c15-2190944c0940_zpsfyugwodo.jpg

Two new movie posters were released today and they are definitely, at least visually, going for two different vibes. The one for Allegiant: The Divergent Series is quite modern and visually futuristic, while the latest Batman v Superman has opted for a gritty, put-up-your-dukes vibe.

 photo 123f3648-d5be-4d47-b178-d2e36432edd8_zpsnwlsf4bd.jpg

I'm really hoping that the actual "fight" in Batman v Superman only takes up about a half hour, so that we get to focus on other characters and plots for the majority of the film.

Otherwise, I'm gonna be very displeased.

Nobody wants that.

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