Friday, April 15, 2016

Summer Lovin'

 photo 2ad488a6-3e5b-4a6c-82e0-f24664984a3d_zpsekhsapds.jpg

Entertainment Weekly is releasing a series of Captain America: Civil War covers that, when combined, merge into one larger image (above) for their Summer Movie Preview issue.

Here are closer looks at the individual covers...

 photo 62734c67-ed04-4b24-8b96-860ed9431b38_zpserel70gr.jpg

 photo c5106d82-0049-4b4c-905e-b3af234e5bc1_zpsmiymk1qc.jpg

 photo b9c5a6e9-de23-46cb-8859-80a6f8fa712b_zps4fneaytn.jpg

 photo 75eae92d-215d-4b41-bc1a-80477f35cb81_zpskujms7oy.jpg


Can't wait to see this movie when it opens on May 6th!

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