Thursday, January 12, 2017

Chips Ahoy

 photo bf33ff5b-4339-4640-a0d1-9ee34719f27a_zpsi6jsrmop.jpg

Two cheesy old TV shows are getting updated film versions this summer. The first is Chips...

Me thinks this trailer spends far too much time focusing on Ponch's obsession/avoidance of Jon's groin.

Maybe they should have just called the movie Crotch instead.

 photo c0def4c4-bb27-4dd2-8095-1e8ea9cd3d57_zpsf1akowhr.jpg

And the next unnecessary blast from the past is Baywatch...


We're gonna need a LOT to drink before seeing either of these films.

Chips opens on March 24th.

Baywatch opens May 19th.

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