Monday, May 22, 2017

Wonderful Posters

 photo 558406fb-13ef-4676-8b6d-ab2eab5c1619_zpsfuo1ojjf.jpg

Warner Bros. has done an excellent job creating a nice variety of posters for the upcoming Wonder Woman movie. These three are the most recent ones...

 photo 6828d0f6-0217-4ddb-b78a-f67d3e6ab1f7_zpsp0w5fdyt.jpg

 photo 4fcf70a6-be27-45da-9f61-8ade17b366f1_zps3hc5j0b4.jpg

I just bought tickets to see an early viewing next Thursday, June 1st (tickets on sale now).


Wonder Woman opens everywhere June 2nd.

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