Thursday, October 5, 2017

All In

 photo bacf89c5-909f-44cc-af3a-7e6dd4ed6cb5_zpslsaxyqly.png

A new set of Justice League posters was released ahead of the new trailer that is expected to be dropped over the weekend...

 photo 1f861d61-7c20-4470-aa7a-102d0130ada8_zpshvjvtzer.png

 photo b631d2a4-545a-447c-8d14-618924af93af_zpsjsdxlg75.png

 photo 0b5ea2e9-a799-4cad-a6ce-25f98ef0b4f6_zps4qrmye1b.png

 photo d6bcddfe-16d6-430c-a6bd-7a83a6d94f4e_zpsmrshorwk.png

I think everyone already assumes that Superman is going to be in the movie, but the studio has not released any individual posters or photos of him from it, so I suppose we're expected to be "surprised" when he shows up.

I'll have to practice that reaction before I go see the movie when it opens on November 17th.

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