Wednesday, September 5, 2018


 photo 3234940f-17fd-468b-95a4-8c702da3213c_zpsyag795ck.png

Thanks to Entertainment Weekly, we are finally getting the first look at Captain Marvel in her costume and some pics from her upcoming film...

 photo e1b962bd-6287-4c34-8d10-b91b7fe94e2c_zpsgwlz1wcw.png

 photo 30109c60-430d-47d6-9ce9-d5d5c5c47717_zpsihnwzmny.png

 photo 7773f82b-a794-4259-96b1-64606c9c7f68_zps5hcglqrp.png

I actually know very little about this Marvel character, but I know she will play a part in the upcoming Avengers movie, which opens a couple months after her solo film opens on March 8th.

And I'll be right there to see it all come together.

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