Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Abbey Normal

 photo d1_zpsndwyrr4b.jpg

New character posters were just released for the upcoming Downton Abbey movie...

 photo d3_zpsegrcefqo.jpg

 photo d4_zpsxmkp7tgs.jpg

 photo d8_zpsrn7c2ssm.jpg

 photo d2_zpsdfnfsian.jpg

 photo d9_zps7y0vsbcz.jpg

 photo d6_zpshlcmoi8s.jpg

 photo d5_zpsi7xoa3ht.jpg

 photo d7_zpsfrdspheq.jpg

 photo d10_zps8gyhievi.jpg

They are stunning portraits and I can't wait until this opens on September 20th!!

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