Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Design Star

I like me some "Before and After" shows.


During the summer, there aren't too many TV shows that I watch regularly. Other than Kathy Griffin's "My Life on the D-List", the only other show that I record is HGTV's "Design Star".


Because I've been pretty busy the past few weeks, I had forgotten that the new season had started and that I had five episodes on the DVR to watch...which I did, one after the other, last night. I like this show because, at the end of the day, no matter how bitchy or mean you are as a person, you'll win or lose based on your actual talent and ability to create a good final product. The only other reality-type shows I watch like this, "Project Runway" and "Amazing Race" also share that basic philosophy.

Plus, there's nothing I enjoy more than seeing someone take a crappy, dreary, badly-designed room and totally revamping it into a living space that actually looks comfortable and clean.


I also enjoy the judging staff on this show. They are rarely outright mean and, often, their critique is right on the money.

Plus, I enjoy saying "Vern Yip"....


He's as close to a Simon Cowell-type that this show has, but since he's really a designer, his critiques are often entertaining, without attacking or humiliating any particular individual personally.

I prefer that over something like "American Idol", where they make the nightly loser actually sing again before they walk off the stage crying into oblivion.

I also enjoy the variety of contestants on "Design Star". They have a nice mix of very professional designers and others that don't really have the standard education or experience, but have a natural talent or instinct that seems to work.


And, sometimes, they actually find "regular" people who happen to be attractive and talented, like Mikey V...a florida cop who is also a designer with a rippling "personality" and, although it hasn't been stated on the show yet....happens to be an out gay cop.

If anyone needs to keep wearing tank tops on the show....it's him.

Hey, it worked for the first season winner and shirtless-designer, David Bromstad, who eventually won and got his own show, "Color Splash" (although, to be honest, I don't really think he makes a very good host for his show. He doesn't appear comfortable in front of the camera and comes off a little too smug and snarky, if that's possible).

Speaking of too smug...


This guy, Michael, irritated me right from his audition. Anyone who begins their interview with "This just in....I'm fabulous!" is, to me, someone who deserves to have an anvil or piano immediately dropped on them. I'm all for the gays being themselves, but anyone who is flamboyant and loud just for the sake of being the center of attention (plus really kind of mean at times), has lost my support right from the beginning.

Thankfully, he was eliminated and, true to form as he was leaving the building, wept like a child and said he wanted his Mom.

I'm sure she's warming his bottle up as I write this.


Now, they just need to get rid of Tracee (yes, with two "e"s) and her annoying personality and horrible people skills.

If there is any justice in the world, there is a house just waiting to drop on her somewhere in the skys of Nashville.

And, if there is, I hope they catch it on film so we can see the before AND after.

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