Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Merging on Cruise Control

Is there a pre-nup for something like this?

Tom Cruise is to merge his family with Victoria and David Beckham’s in a special ceremony.

The ‘Valkyrie’ actor will hold the bizarre service – during which the families vow to be brothers and sisters and exchange heartfelt speeches - at his wife Katie Holmes’ New York town house.

A source said: “Tom and David have been friends for years and they and their families spend a lot of time together. This year Tom wanted to make a special gesture that would show how much he appreciates their friendship and he thought this would be the perfect way.”

Tom, 46, is also building a replica of the LA Lakers’ Staples Centre basketball court in the Beckhams’ garden for the soccer ace and his sons Brooklyn, nine, Romeo, six, and Cruz, three.

If Tom is this excited about their "family merger" (and all that that implies), Katie better leave the plastic on all of the couch cushions in the house.

And, seriously, Tom's building a replica of the LA Lakers' Staples Center basketball court in the Beckhams garden?!

I hope they were careful when they relocated Victoria's body-snatchers pod (which was thriving out near the begonias).

Those things don't grow well in direct sunlight.


Brad said...

Weird just got weirder.

Vampire Hours said...

I know! The things I could do with the money spent building a basketball court. Honestly, Ethel.