Friday, December 26, 2008

Santa Baby

Sad news today about Eartha Kitt...

Eartha Kitt, whose "Santa, Baby" remains the sultriest Christmas song ever recorded, died Thursday on a holiday she turned into something both naughty and nice.

Kitt, a versatile multi-media performer, engaging talk show regular and longtime human rights activist, was 81 and had been suffering from colon cancer. She died in New York with her daughter at her side. Her last performance, a PBS special scheduled to air in February, was taped just six weeks ago.

How ironic, yet fitting, that she passed away on Christmas Day.

Of course, I knew her best as one of the original catwomen on the TV show "Batman". The clip above features one of her classic appearances (along with my favorite....Batgirl!). That show was so cheesy and fun.

Many years ago (when I was still dabbling in acting and modeling), I did a fashion show in New York and got to talking to one of the prettiest models, named Cat. As I was about to comment on her unusual last name "The only other Kitt I knew was catwoman...", she quickly said "Oh, that's my mother!" Thankfully, I was able to restrain myself from asking how a mother could name her child after a candy bar (although I do love me a Kitt Katt bar!) and we continued the sportswear fashion "extravaganza" (three of us walking a small runway at a booth, amongst hundreds of other booths at the convention center) without incident.

Her mother really lived an amazing life, full of glamour, controversy and fame. And, to be honest, I really do prefer her "Santa Baby" above and beyond Madonna's odd baby-talking remake. Eartha's version always brings a smile to my face each holiday season.

Hopefully she's purrrrrfectly happy and at peace now.

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