Thursday, September 17, 2009

Kate Is Enough

Kathy Griffin was on "Jimmy Kimmel" last week to talk about her book and to promote her new movie on Lifetime...

She actually looks pretty good with that haircut.

Plus, now that George Takei and his husband are going to be on the new "Newlywed Game", it's just good to see that he's branching out past Sulu and into leading man parts.

Lifetime: The place for lady drama.


Kathy will also be appearing on "The View" tomorrow, which should be very interesting considering how much smack she talks about Barbara Walters and the fact that Kate Gosselin is currently on the View panel now (replacing Elisabeth Hasselcrack while she's off giving birth to another child who will need lots of therapy) . I wonder if Kate will chat with Kathy about playing her in the video above?

PLUS, Kathy can be seen hosting the "Creative Emmy Awards" (or the "Schmemmys" as she calls them) ceremony on E! tomorrow afternoon.

On a somber note, I was sad to hear that Henry Gibson passed away. I loved him on "Laugh In" and, most recently as the hilariously cantankerous Judge Brown on "Boston Legal".

I really miss that show and will certainly miss Henry.

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