Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Read it, Jesus!

Kathy Griffin's new book, "Official Book Club Selection" just came out (I got my copy from Amazon yesterday) and she's out there doing what she does best...mingling with the media.

She went on CNN to discuss the book and candidly spoke about, among other things, her crack-addicted brother who died in her mother's arms, Obama's speech to the school children, and a botched liposuction job (with a "lovely" photo).

Regarding all the people who were upset about Obama speaking to the school kids..

"I think people are stupid and crazy. And, by the way, they are going to resort to guns and religion, just as he said, and he never should have apologized for that, because it's true. Read a history book."

I. Love. Her.

This should be a very entertaining read.

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