Wednesday, December 23, 2009

For the rest of us

"Seinfeld" gave us many outlandishly hilarious scenarios over the years and a few of them still live on to this day. One of the most beloved, is the annual December 23rd celebration of "Festivus". For those of you who may not remember what that is, has posted a great article on it...

"The December 23 observance calls for little more than the erection of an aluminum pole, the airing of grievances and the demonstration of feats of strength -- which preferably culminate in wrestling down to the ground and pinning the head of the household."

Although the holiday is made up, if you think about it, the details kind of describe what often happens at many Christmas gatherings all around the world....erection of an aluminum pole (fake trees), airing of grievances (many bickering family Christmas dinners) and demonstrations of feats of strength (fights that break out after too much egg nog and bickering).

Watch out for Grandma's left hook today everyone...

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