Monday, October 18, 2010

A bump in the road


After 18 hours of driving on Thursday (I left at 5 am), I arrived in Alburquerque, New Mexico at 2:10 am that night...only to get hit/run by a car a block and a half from where I was finally going to be able to get some much-needed sleep.


The guys who hit me were (from what I could tell the few seconds I saw them) drunk/high and, after they saw that their car was fine, quickly left the scene as I was inside my car getting my insurance information.

Welcome to New Mexico!


So, I spent all day Friday at the Goodyear dealership in Albuquerque, which was stressful because they were unable to find the necessary part for my car because it's a Saturn and all the dealerships are now closed. At the time, it looked like I would have to stay there until Monday or Tuesday before it could get repaired, which might have caused me to miss meeting my movers in Atlanta. That would not have been all.

However, things turned around in the afternoon and they finally found the part locally and had my car back in driving condition by the end of the day.



Thankfully I was able to qualify for the Goodyear credit card, so I didn't have to pay for the repairs myself up front.

So, this was pretty much what I saw of the city that day...


The street light in front of Goodyear.


And the old Firestone building across the street.

My friend Matthew (one of the guys I met on the cruise ealier in the year) was great and let me crash (so to speak) on his couch during my brief time there.

I'll have to come back to Albuquerque another time for a weekend tour. I had two more days of driving ahead of me, so I left early the next morning and made it here late last night.

Overall, things turned out okay. I wasn't hurt, my insurance companies were all very proactive, and the mechanics were all very nice and were able to get my car fixed in one day. It could have been a LOT worse. So, I'm very thankful that it all worked out.

Tomorrow, I'll post about my long Route 66 drive across the country.

I need a nap.


CB said...

I'm glad your alright ! Wow, that's crazy....

Vampire Hours said...

Me too...and it was crazy. Just not the fun kind. =)