Monday, May 16, 2011

Comings and Goings


The networks announced their fall lineups last week and there were some surprises indeed. True Blood is still undead and starts airing new episodes next month.


Ashton Kutcher is set to replace Charlie not-so-winning Sheen on Two And A Half Men, which should be interesting for those of you who actually watch it.


I was pleased that David E. Kelley's Harry's Law is returning. I love Kathy Bates and usually enjoy his shows. However, his updated version of Wonder Woman did not get picked up.


I am disappointed that we won't even get to see the pilot, but they kinda ruined it when they gave WW blue boots and hooker pants.



V didn't get renewed either, which wasn't a surprise to me. If the entire series had been half as good as the last half hour of the finale, things might have been different.


And, finally, Brothers and Sisters did not get renewed for another season, which is disappointing. Although the plots began to get more melodramatic over the past couple seasons, I still really enjoyed the show overall and will miss getting my weekly Sally Field fix.

Because I like her.

I really, really like her.


Dean said...

I am so bummed! We loved watching Brothers and Sisters. I think they must have known, b/c there was no cliff hanger in the season finale, and everyone was happy. At least it ended well.

Vampire Hours said...

Yeah...that's what I was thinking too. The last episode of "Brothers and Sisters" really ended nicely with the wedding and the wrapup by Sally Field. So, if it had to end, at least there wasn't a cliffhanger. I'm still gonna miss it though....