Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Devil's Playground


The real house is for sale...

Fans of FX's American Horror Story might recognize a new listing on the Los Angeles real estate market: This six-bedroom, five-bathroom property located in Country Club Park is, more than any one actor, the real star of that gleefully twisted show.

I've been watching the show and it's definitely one of the creepiest shows I've seen in a while and, honestly, it would be really weird to live in it for the very reasons Gawker lists below...

Not mentioned in the description, but included in the asking price: A cannibalistic humunculus in the basement made up of a variety of pickled baby and roadkill parts, the ghost of a one-eyed maid who tries to hump your husband at every opportunity, a latex/breath-control enthusiast, and a pesky, chain-smoking neighbor who will appear without warning in your kitchen bearing suspicious-smelling muffins. At $4.5 million, you simply can't afford not to own this house.

"A cannibalistic humunculus" certainly don't get that with every new house.

Pleasant dreams!

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