Thursday, February 16, 2012

Boy, can he talk


Billy Sammeth used to manage Cher and Joan Rivers for a long time, until they fired him. He's preparing to write a book and in this interview has, obviously, decided not to sensor himself when it comes to either of them...

On Cher and Sonny:

You know how you can tell Cher is a great fucking actress and deserved the Academy Award? Because of her eulogy at Sonny’s funeral. This was someone she hated. Cher gave a brilliant performance when she delivered that eulogy because I knew how she really felt. I can tell you what I do think she cried so about. She cried that she never settled her differences with him, that they never had that resolution. That would be upsetting to her. But that he died? Please. She thought he was nothing but a used-car salesman.


On Cher and Chaz:

I’m sure Cher is more upset that Chaz is fat. Knowing Cher and how she feels about thin people and fat people, I can tell you this: she has no time for fat people. None. So Chaz—whether when he was a lesbian as Chastity or a man as Chaz—is fat. That probably bothers her a lot more.

On Joan and Melissa:

What do I really think about Melissa finally? I think when she no longer has Joan, it will be a very interesting Melissa. But with her final breath, Joan will be trying to lock Melissa into some job or other. As much as I wish Melissa had more talent, it ain’t easy being Joan’s daughter. She tried to segue Melissa into the jewelry collection, but Melissa just wasn’t very good at it.

I wonder how he really feels?

I've always liked Cher and Joan and also realize that he is angry at them both, so more likely to dramatize his memories a bit. But, I'm sure the truth is somewhere in the middle.

You can read the full interview here.


KDS said...

I smell bitterness!

Vampire Hours said...

Yeah...I think you may be right.