Friday, February 24, 2012



The first photo of Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk in the upcoming Avengers movie was just released.

He looks pretty much the same as the other two Hulks that were in the previous movies.

They should have given him a jaunty hat or a tattoo, just so he looked a bit different.

Must I do everything?!


KDS said...

I don't get it!
Eric Bana, Edward Norton and now Mark Ruffalo!?
What's this obsession with the Hulk??
And you're quite right....give the guy some kind of recognizable thingy. :)

Vampire Hours said...

Well, he is part of the "Avengers" grouping, so I understand why he's there. It would just have been nice if they did something visually different with him than the last CGI Hulks. Maybe they should have just used Lou Ferrigno. Now THAT would have been fun!

KDS said...

lol..... and deflate him??