Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Super Cool


I feel that it's important to point out when regular folks do something special just to bring a smile to people in need. These guys get a gold star...

A Pennsylvania window washing service sent a quartet of workers in superhero costumes to brighten windows and spirits at a children's hospital. Edward Matuizek, president of Allegheny Window Cleaning Inc. in Springdale, said the company did not charge the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh for Monday's window-washing by Spider-Man, Batman, Superman and Captain America. 

"This isn't about us. This is about them," Matuizek said. 

"The kids were loving it," said Errico, who wore the Captain America suit. "Everywhere we went, they were coming in from different rooms."

It's wonderful to see that there really are some super folks left out there in the world.

We definitely need them.

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