Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Smells Like Sulu

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Star Trek's George Takei has a signature scent now available for pre-order,..

George Takei, famous for his role as Sulu on "Star Trek", as well as his more recent role as an Internet-conquering social-media star, has joined the ranks of Bruce Willis and One Direction by offering his own branded perfume. The spray-on cologne is dubbed "Eau My," a punny reference to his catchphrase, "Oh myyyyy." 

Takei teased fans, asking them to guess the name of the new fragrance. His Facebook followers offered up some real gems, including "Old Space," "Takei Me Now," and "Red Shirt." The cologne is described as having the following laundry list of smells: mandarin zest, Italian bergamot, fresh ozone, night-blooming jasmine, white freesia petals, sensual woods, crystallized amber, soft skin musk, and vetiver. 

I think it's hilarious and I hope he makes millions from it.

Plus, I never tire of hearing George say it,  especially here.,,

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