Friday, June 6, 2014


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When I started out just looking for a fun way to wish you all a Happy National Donut Day (and I do!), I had no idea that I would run into this mysterious gal who, unknown to me, is all over the internets.

How have I missed her?!!

 photo Flerp_zps3ac0d8f4.jpg

I almost snorted soda out of my nose when I saw that one…"flerp flerps"!!


And she's not just excited about products…she's starring in movies.

 photo e8633c21-fc6c-44f1-8233-412368c63f09_zpsf8c3222f.jpg

 photo 78a6ae14-0272-423c-9520-4020bddb6242_zps5308916b.jpg

There are t-shirts, mugs, and all kinds of merchandise out there with her on it.


I hope the gal in the unfortunate photo is actually getting the royalties for all of this.

And she should share some of it with her mother, the Target Lady.

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