Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Constant Craving

 photo bc9ee823-22d5-4478-b85c-53093f384dfe_zpsfbff74df.jpg

I ate each of these cereals regularly as a kid and now, as an adult, I still get a hankering for them often...

 photo 83d58396-254b-43d1-b1fb-39dffd293cca_zps1ab71a79.jpg

Yes...I collected the various "Freakies" and, sadly, I also remember the commercial theme song.

 photo d23cc9e8-3a17-4b66-8abb-127740f0d5e2_zps3175e4b5.jpg

The King didn't seem creepy back then, but now he reminds me of the stalking Burger King from that disturbing series of commercials a few years ago.

 photo Quake_zps9f6d8628.jpg

That cereal was not powered by vitamins of any kind. It was powered by deliciousness.

 photo 901e2d5f-ec6f-4dea-ba96-6b5156887c2e_zps5510e4fc.jpg

One of the few clowns that doesn't terrify me.

 photo 06d9c641-ff5a-464c-969e-395d5b019916_zpsc7f4bddb.jpg

What up, Boo?

 photo 8037c22a-22f0-4221-95da-dbfa16ec00a7_zpsb3d9816c.jpg

They were all pretty much the EXACT same cereal, just in a different color or shape and...I didn't care.

The fact that I still have any of my original teeth still inside my head is a miracle.

Now I'm hungry...

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