Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Blonde Ambition

 photo Aqua_zpsb6f294f4.jpg

The Internets were abuzz today after Jason Momoa revealed at Sundance that his Aquaman won't have the historic character's signature blonde locks...

A 74-year-old woman proclaiming to be a huge fan of the Aquaman comic books wanted to know if Momoa's King Of The Seven Seas will have a beard and mustache. "Well, just going off what you've seen so far ma'am, I don't think he is going to be blonde or white," Momoa stated. 

It is shocking news, since we all know that Jason was specifically cast because of his...

 photo d36021d1-94e7-434e-955b-251de8df9083_zpseabe588a.jpg

 photo 551f01f8-7421-4f2d-a83f-5b53a856932d_zpsd0187094.jpg

 photo 4dc30cb4-6d78-4bc9-a3f6-cb3bd5e1deb6_zps01313717.jpg

 photo 0dffafc0-5a99-42ef-8858-fcee9a1f1d0a_zps2eef2ce4.jpg


I have faith that people will find something else to focus on when his character finally appears on screen.

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