Tuesday, March 29, 2016

There is nothing like a Dame

 photo 6974a7f4-d3d8-4fb7-b660-c3732724b78b_zpsrmz2xq83.jpg

Entertainment Weekly released a series of covers focused on the Game of Thrones actresses this week...

 photo 3792c672-376b-4f53-9533-9e93f2f2e8fe_zpsqmx4ytao.jpg

 photo 6c55e6ce-f2f0-40dc-8c07-78f922d81652_zpsqimfryf7.jpg

 photo 3005c253-5fa7-4669-be7c-169f9802fb6f_zpssrobbpn9.jpg

 photo dc3b5495-b6f8-49e3-aa44-bb0192f3aaa0_zpsi8llttmh.jpg

 photo 5e62b545-56d5-464f-9d7b-3a37fd952619_zpsozqfkpwn.jpg

That is certainly the cleanest any of them have looked in the past five seasons.

Maybe Season 6 is subtitled "Year of the Shower".

The new season of Game of Thrones begins on Sunday April 24th.

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