Monday, May 23, 2016

Beyond excited

 photo ec4f1111-6cb5-463d-a156-dae820248a2b_zpsu1xsbbhv.jpg

A new poster and trailer were released for Star Trek Beyond over the weekend....

The new poster is very similar to the original Star Trek: The Motion Picture poster (the first of all of the Star Trek movies), which is an interesting choice...

 photo 4288bc33-2b16-4184-8014-feb801f572a0_zpsnztespaf.jpg

This new trailer is MUCH better than the first one, which is a good thing. It appears more epic in scope with all of the action and effects (and the potential for another Enterprise ship being destroyed, which seems to happen somewhat frequently in these movies) that we've gotten used to over the years.

We'll find out how the new movie fares compared to the previous films when it opens on July 22nd.

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