Friday, July 1, 2016

A Spy is Bourne

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Matt Damon helped prank some people to promote the upcoming Jason Bourne movie as well as his partnership with Omaze...

To promote the release of the new film, Matt Damon partnered up with Omaze, an online charity auction organizer to raise money for, a nonprofit aid organization cofounded by the actor whose goal is to bring safe drinking water and sanitation to certain areas of developing countries.

In a Los Angeles park, a stranger hands unsuspecting people a cell phone from which they start getting spy-like instructions from Damon such as tying their shoelaces, collecting an envelope from a guy on a bridge or buying a $14 hotdog. It’s the classic Jason Bourne scenario, only the people being filmed have no idea Mr. Bourne himself is on the other end of the line.

Although it's pretty entertaining, it's a bit scary how easily people will just do what someone else says without having any information first.

Most crimes don't end with Matt Damon giving you tickets to a premiere.

If they did...we'd all be criminals.

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