Friday, February 3, 2017

Rent Control

 photo ffe4a01f-86c5-44b3-af1c-44f23f352cf6_zpsqsj3dhyg.png

If you're a Seinfeld fanatic and have $400 laying could own one of THESE scale models of Jerry's apartment...

It’s quite possibly one of the most recognizable apartments in TV history, and if you’ve been looking to fill a Costanza-sized hole in your heart ever since the show went off the air, you can now own a tiny replica of the Seinfeld apartment, recreated with an incredible attention to detail. 

Inside this 1:26-scale replica of Jerry’s apartment, which measures over 16-inches across, you’ll find over 100 miniature elements including furniture, plates and cups in the kitchen cupboards, an Apple Macintosh perched on a desk near the window, and even a working front door just waiting for a tiny Kramer to slide through.

Tiny Kramer.

That sounds like a sitcom that is probably already in development at one of the studios as I type this.

And I'd probably watch it.

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