Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lean On Me

You know you'd all do the same thing....

I thought this image of every tourist in Italy posing for the same "I'm holding up the leaning tower of Pisa" photo was hilarious.

When I go there one day, I think I'm gonna rent a Godzilla costume and pose as if I'm pushing the tower down and about to crush all the wee unsuspecting humans.



Rev. Gabrielle Michel said...

LOL! I wish I could buy your ticket just so that we could all see that!

Unknown said...

I have been to pisa and it's so silly to see ALL these people doing this ALL day long. I took a photo kicking it over but was also mildly intoxicated since the only thing in pisa is that tower and a bar.

Vampire Hours said...

Sounds like Dustin got good use out of both of the attractions in Pisa.

I say, if a town has at least a tower and a bar, then it pretty much meets all of the requirements I need to book a visit.

Once I get my ticket from Gaby, I'll start hunting for that costume shop for my outfit.