Thursday, February 5, 2009

Miss Niecy

"Take us to your foolishness!"

I can't get enough of "Clean House" on the Style Network. It's mainly because the host, Niecy Nash, makes me laugh so much.

If you haven't watched it before, set your DVR now. The show goes to homes of people who have let clutter take over their lives and, by the time they are done..."this house is clean".

It is amazing how many people actually live their daily lives surrounded by so much crap that they can't take two steps front or back without moving or bumping into something.

As over-the-top as the show can get at times (the design team mug like vaudevillian minstrals), you really do get to see the emotional toll that people endure when they allow their lives to become overwhelmed by chaos and "stuff".

But, the main reason to watch is for the sass and "OH!'s" of the host...Niecy Nash (also one of the stars of the faux-reality cop show "Reno 911").

She can go from finger-snappin'-arm-flailin'-eyebrow-archin' hilarity to "we got to get to the real heart of this mess" seriousness with ease and a smile. So, by the end of the show, the house and, usually, the owners have been transformed.

Niecy doesn't host every show (I still don't know why, but hers are always the best), so make sure you catch one where she does...

She's a very entertainin' lady.


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