Monday, February 23, 2009

Academy Awards

I actually have early commerical photos that look frighteningly similar to this image...

We had our usual Academy Awards gathering last night and there were several nice moments, like Sean Penn winning Best Actor, along the way (like these hilarious framed images that my friends Joel and Sheldon suprised a few of us with during the red carpet pre-show).

I thought Hugh Jackman did a suprisingly good job hosting the show and really enjoyed his opening number.

Who knew Wolverine could sing that well?

As you can see, Oscar was very suprised that Meryl Streep didn't win for Best Actress. However, she was her usual gracious self and really looked beautiful in her elegant gown.

She's a classy lady, that one.

Joel enjoyed Ben Stiller's Joaquin Phonenix impression at the podium. We're all hoping that Joaquin is just being a lunatic these days as a publicity stunt for his upcoming mockumentary.

If not...I hope he enjoys doing regional theater.

My friend John was disappointed that Jennifer Aniston didn't suddenly leap off the stage and start bitch-slapping Angelina Jolie, who sat there (looking stunning as always) smiling up at her while clinging to Jenn's ex-husband, Brad Pitt.

Angelina would have easily won, so Jenn made the right decision.

Sheldon cheered for all of the "Slumdog Millionaire" awards, mainly because it meant that we'd likely be seeing a lot more Bollywood dancing in the near future.

Sheldon always enjoys a good dance number with colorful costumes and lots of jazz hands.

It was also my friend Andrew's 40th birthday yesterday, so we celebrated that as well. Just like Benjamin Button, Andrew appears to be aging in reverse.

And we all continue to hate him for that daily...

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