Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Galactic Munchies

Scientists have discovered a sun-like star that is slowly eating a planet...

Astronomers knew that stars were capable of swallowing planets in orbit around them, but this is the first time the event has been "seen" so clearly. The researchers say the planet, which is called Wasp-12b, may only have another 10 million years left before it is completely devoured.

Kinda scary, but 10 million years is plenty of time to do just about everything on your bucket list.

The only planet-eater I can remember hearing about was the one featured on the original Star Trek TV series.

However, it doesn't so much fill me with fear and dread as it reminds me of something else...


And, when you add some vanilla cream...it looks something like this:


So, if I found out that a fleet of these were heading towards Earth, I would simply strap on my feed-bag, look up into the sky and say...well, I think Star Trek's George Takei pretty much sums it up...



Roland said...

You forgot about Galactus.

Vampire Hours said...

I did...but every time I hear George Takei say "Oh MY", it just makes me laugh out loud. So...I have that.