Friday, May 14, 2010

Mr. Martin?


Ever since Ricky Martin came out last month, there has been a bit more media focus on who he might be dating. According to JustJared, it is quite possible that he has been seeing Italian model Valerio Pino for a while.

This picture of the two of them together came out a year or so ago and really sent the rumor-mill into a speculation frenzy.


It looks like a nice relaxing day at the beach to me.


Here is a fun video of a photo shoot that Valerio did recently and, I have to admit...he does seem very naturally charming.

If they are dating...I fully support them.

It's not often that two such homely-looking guys are fortunate enough to find each other in this crazy beauty-centric world.

"Bitter Party of one...your table is ready."

I'll be right there...


Sissy said...

Hmmmm...I always find it creepy when people hook up with people that look just like them.

Vampire Hours said...

Well, they really have to take what they can get. I mean...did you look a them?

One can only get so far on just talent. =)