Monday, May 10, 2010

Weekend Update


I think that Betty White did a dandy job on Saturday Night Live this past weekend. She looked great and was in almost every sketch that night (much more than her additional co-stars combined). If you missed the show, you can see each of the sketches by clicking here.


It was certainly one of their funniest shows (and one of their top rated) in a long time. I enjoyed the "Lawrence Welk" opening featuring the creepy sister with the tiny hands and big forehead, the "She's a Lesbian" sketch (Amy Poehler's dialog in that one was really funny "Oh, crackers!") and, of course, my favorite of them all was the NPR "Muffin" sketch.

"If there's one thing I'm known's my muffin."


There were also four additional sketches that didn't make it into the final show, believe it or not (and Betty was in three of them). A "Debby Downer", "Bronx Talk", and Molly Shannon's "Joyologist". If you'd like to see those, click here.

Definitely a fun show all-around.


Iron Man 2 made 133.6 million dollars over the weekend. Not too shabby at all.

I saw it and, although it's not as good as the first one (they could have easily shaved off about 20 minutes), it certainly was entertaining.

If you enjoyed number one, you'll like number two well...also...hello?


On a sad note, legendary singer Lena Horne passed away on Sunday....

Singer, dancer and actress Lena Horne died at New York-Presbyterian Hospital on Sunday night, a hospital spokeswoman said. Horne was 92.

She was one of the first African-Americans to sign a long-term movie contract with a major Hollywood studio when she joined MGM in 1942.

Horne's expressive voice made her a singing star after Hollywood failed to give her roles that might have made her a big screen starlet.

She will definitely be missed.

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