Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lose the jacket

Wonder Woman is getting an extreme makeover and, honestly, if it ain't broke...

DC Comics is releasing a new Wonder Woman comic today (above) and she's sporting a new look, complete with dark leggings and some kind of retro Joan Jett jacket, which just doesn't work for me.

I mean...REALLY? Have they learned nothing from history?

Here is Kathy Lee Crosby in the original "Wonder Woman" pilot for ABC wearing a jacket-centric costume.


That look doesn't say "Wonder Woman". It says "Flight attendant...could I please get another vodka?".

Now THIS is what Wonder Woman should look like!

Photobucket jacket works SO much better.

And, although Edna Mode isn't a big fan of capes...I think it works for her.

Even Debra Winger, as Wonder Girl, didn't have a jacket.


Unfortunately, she doesn't really look that happy in this pic from the episode.


I'm sure she said "So, I'm gonna have to stand next to HER and THOSE in THIS? I am getting paid cash, right?"

She didn't even really seem to enjoy her "Spin", which is the best part of the transformation...just kinda half-asses it.

It's like she's a little drunk and afraid she's gonna wobble into the bushes.

Again....she should have learned from the pro.

THIS is how you spin, missy!

Arms UP! Hair UP! Check the waist and back and, if you do it can even spin into different form-fitting outfits for every occasion.

And...not a jacket in sight!


They really are a wonder...

Wonder Woman.


Roland said...

The spin doesn't work, because she pivots on one leg. It's like she's pushing a scooter with a broken wheel.

Vampire Hours said...

LOL...exactly. And doing it while drunk or with an inner-ear infection.