Thursday, June 10, 2010

Where, wolf?

THERE, wolf.

True Blood has introduced a new werewolf character, Alcide, played by the average-looking Joe Manganiello. Here is what he had to say about the intense research he did to create this very complex character...

"Vampires can get away with having very slight builds and the audience will still believe that they're super powerful. Werewolves are animals and in my mind they should be very muscular. Not an extra ounce of fat on them. Really ripped. I wanted people to look at Alcide and think, 'wow, he's a super strong animal'.


I love method actors with a gym membership.

I really need to get HBO...


Anonymous said...

That's "average Joe" looking? I wish. Thank you for the eye candy. Now I need to subscribe to HBO.

Vampire Hours said...

LOL...I should get a commission from HBO for the new subscribers from the blog. =)