Thursday, September 9, 2010

Melon Head


The new season of The Amazing Race will be starting again on September 26th and, as always, I'll be watching. I love all the great locations they get to visit, the teamwork dynamics and, of course, the unique challenges that make-or-break a team's chances of winning one MILLION dollars.

Here is a clip from the new season that shows how NOT to launch a watermelon at a suit of armor.



Roland said...

I've watched this three times. I still don't get it. What happened? How did it fly out of her hands and get flung back at her face? This is why I failed physics.

Vampire Hours said...

It looks like the launcher got twisted when she released it and, as a result, it got launched backwards when it swung back.

To avoid this happening to you...I'd say use marshmallows instead of melons.

Just a suggestion...