Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Take a whack at Weezie!


Looks like Steel Magnolias is getting a Lifetime makeover...

Queen Latifah is joining the star-studded cast for Lifetime’s all-African-American Steel Magnolias reboot as M’Lynn, the character played by Sally Field in the 1989 feature film of the same name.

Condola Rashad will play her diabetes-stricken daughter, Shelby (played by Julia Roberts), and Rashad’s mother Phylicia will reinterpret the role of Clairee (portrayed by Olympia Dukakis). Alfre Woodard will tackle the irascible Ouiser, who was unforgettably played by Shirley MacLaine, Jill Scott looks to fill Dolly Parton’s shoes as understanding hairdresser Truvy, and Pariah breakout Adepero Oduye will play insecure newcomer Annelle, made famous by Daryl Hannah.

Remakes like this always make me nervous and I usually expect the worst (Nora Ephron's Bewitched "update" was unforgivable).

However, the 21 Jumpstreet movie seems to be pulling in the kids and decent reviews, so anything is possible.

I just wish they had chosen Marla Gibbs to play Ouiser.

She would have been great!

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