Friday, February 11, 2011

Blast from the Past


Two trailers for upcoming films based on previous movies were released this week. The first is the prequel to the X-Men Films titled X-Men: First Class.

Aside from the awful publicity photo, this looks like it could be a fun film about how the all the kids came together. I really enjoyed seeing how Kirk, Spock and McCoy all met in the reboot of Star Trek. We'll soon find out if Xavier and Magneto meeting will be anywhere near as interesting or compelling.


We're also getting a remake of one of my all-time favorite movies, Arthur.

I think Helen Mirren will be great (although John Gielgud will always be THE Hobson to me), but I'm not as sure about Russell Brand as Arthur. He's certainly British and acts immature, so that could work to his favor. But, he seems more wacky than real in this and it'll be interesting to see how that translates to making an audience care about him in the film.

I just hope this movie is not anywhere near as awful as the Bewitched remake that Nora Ephron wrote a few years ago.

I will never forgive her or the studio for putting together the perfect cast and then eviscerating the story and sucking every last ounce of magic out of, what was, such a fun and magically-entertaining show.


Endora will get your for that, Nora.

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