Monday, February 28, 2011

All Hail


Joel's Oscar posters (with Oscar featured above) are perfect for my overview, as always.

Well, the King's Speech really swept the awards last night. I haven't seen it yet, but plan to soon. The Brits usually do a great job with movies like that (I loved The Queen), so I'm sure it'll be fun to watch.


The Social Network was also up for a variety of awards and won several, but didn't have enough votes to beat out the King. I also need to see this too.


The Black Swan did pretty well, considering the competition. Of course, I had the same reaction to that movie as Cate Blanchett did to The Wolfman clip. "That's Gross" may have been my favorite quote from last night's show.


I was kind of hoping Inception would do better, but was glad it won the visual effects awards that it did. I really liked that movie and thought they did an amazing job all around. I would have been happy if it had won Best Picture too. But, it didn't.


I didn't think James Franco would win for 127 Hours (and he'll certainly not win anything for hosting the Oscars last night), so that might have explained why he was so "blah" during the entire show. Maybe if he had cut off his own arm during the telecast it would have made for at least one memorable moment of the night.


My favorite musical selection was "He doesn't own a shirt." from Twilight. That was probably the best bit of the night, which isn't saying much.

I think Anne Hathaway is lovely and certainly looked good in her vast array of dresses throughout the night, but she and James Franco are hardly Martin and Lewis. Carrot Top's gig in Vegas is certainly not in danger of being replaced by the comedy stylings of Franco and Hathaway.

Hopefully the Academy has learned a good lesson. A good host needs to be more than young, pretty and breathing to keep the show interesting.

Bob Hope got more laughs dead than Anne and James did all night alive.

Hmmm...if they just pieced together clips of dead hosts from shows past as "hosts" of next year's Oscars, THAT would be creepy fun and might just be what the the network needs to grab that youth demographic they feel like they desperately need.

Wes Craven or Eli Roth could direct it.

Oscar gold!

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