Sunday, September 28, 2008


Oscar now has a personal connection with Atlanta.

We may have to move here to watch over "his" business.

Yesterday was a chill day. We woke up around noon-thirty, then my friend David made appointments for all three of us to get massages.

Shear Heaven.

Well, the place was called "Massage Envy", but it really was more like heaven.

Later in the afternoon, our friend Christine joined us and we all went out to a place called Roxx Tavern for dinner and drinks. It used to be a McDonalds, but was converted into a bar/restaurant. There were no McRemnants of the old McRestaurant, but their fries did have a hint of McGrease in it all came together nicely.

Then, we went to a bar called "Swinging Richards" where, how should I put this, the strippers have a casual clothing-optional clause in their contracts.

So truth in advertising is alive and well in Atlanta.

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