Friday, September 19, 2008


And you didn't hear it from me, BUT....

Since Anderson Cooper has never officially discussed whether he is a homosapien or not, the press will just continue to do what they do best, speculate. Mr. 360 never goes out of his way to deny it (the Jodie Foster mantra), so it's likely true and he just doesn't feel the need to burst out of the closet in a shower of glitter waving his well-manicured jazz hands.

Which, I think, is just fine.

Until that changes, we can just follow stories like this one from Gawker, which lists a few of his "rumored business associates" (just like Beverly Leslie and Benji)...

This summer the Coop apparently dated an assistant to fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg. This is funny because she is the beard for gay man Barry Diller. Anderson supposedly wanted this young gent to move in with him. It looked like true love, though some suspected that the kid was just using poor Coopy-Poopy for his vast riches.

They said "Coopy-Poopy".

Insert Beevis and Butthead laugh here.

Then, later in the day, Gawker followed up with this story on a possible ex of Mr. Coopy-Poopy being on the new "Real World: Brooklyn" this season...

Just read your article on the dolphin trainer said to be Anderson's ex boy toy and I wanted to confirm that it's true. I'm from Miami and was actually at the club Buck 15 when I met J.D. He drunkenly informed me who his boyfriend was and when I didn't believe him he showed me pictures from his camera phone with Anderson and some dolphins...this was around the beginning of June...just wanted to give you a head's up!

I hope it's all true and that Anderson is doing everything he can to be happy, whether it's with JD, JR or JLo. He should be able to splash and splatter all he wants in private, just like the rest of us.

I'm just happy that I got to write my new favorite term, "Coopy-Poopy", three times in one posting.

It's the little jewels like that, in life, that make all the difference....

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