Thursday, September 11, 2008

Seven years ago...

Time does march on...but some things you never forget.

In many ways, we're lucky that, although the United States has suffered through some pretty horrific events like the World Trade Center destruction, we don't have to witness them on a daily basis.

I often think about how awful it must be for people living in war-torn cities and countries who endure these kinds of atrocities on a regular basis. To know that there is no safe place or peace around matter how far you walk, how fast you run or where you try to hide.

To live with that uncertainty during every waking second of your day must be overwhelming.

It's sad that war and violence continues to be a terrifying reality for many people on this planet.

I pray, one day, that it's not.

Until then...

I just remain thankful for each day and keep hope that the world can change.

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