Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Seein' the sights

For our last day in Atlanta, we decided we'd get some culture and head down to the High Museum of Atlanta. As you know, I love me some art....well, I love to find me some scary dolls in art museums.

So, it's kinda the same thing.

The museum has a Space 1999-esque look to it from the outside, so I was looking forward to seeing if they'd have a Martin Landau and Barbara Bain wing. Unfortunately, as luck would have it, we only got to see the museum...not actually go inside it.

Turns out they are closed on Mondays.

That's kinda what our physical response was when we got to the closed sign at the museum entrance.

But, rather than waste the trip, we decided to just wander about the city and check out some of the interesting building architecture that was all around us. There are a lot of uniquely designed structures in Atlanta.

The Vortex Bar and Grill certainly has a relaxing/welcoming entrance. I bet they serve a lot of herbal teas and play hours of Enya.

There were some interesting art creations along the way....there was this stucture made up of several metallic people figurines.

And these small children playing (They were real kids once, but accidently made direct eye contact with the entrance to the Vortex Bar and Grill and they were forever changed)

And of course, the "playing kids" father made the unfortunate mistake of going to the Vortex to personally thank the manager for finally figuring out a way to get his three kids to play quietly out in the front yard.


Our evening was wrapped up with dinner with my friend David at the Mellow Mushroom, then Oscar and I went to one of the local bars, Burkhart's Pub, to hang out and play a couple of games of pool. Since I am the one writing this blog, I obviously won every game of pool.

Of course, if you've ever seen me play pool and feel like you need to proclaim that me winning is very unlikely....well....

LOOK DOWN HERE at this weird RESTAURANT with a GIANT 50 FOOT FISH!!!!!

Never under estimate the power of a good distraction.

Speaking of which, we need to get packed up and head out to our next destination....Asheville, North Carolina, ya'll.


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