Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Late Show with David Craterman

I enjoy Dave.

Yesterday, after John McCain canceled his appearance at the last minute (he claimed he had to rush off to the airport so he could fly to Washington to "help" fix the economy), Dave was obviously a bit put off, but made light of the first.

Halfway through the show, Dave found out that John McCain had not, in fact, rushed off to the airport, but had actually rushed over to speak to Katie Couric instead (which was showing live as he was taping his show).

He was a little less "no big deal" after that discovery...

"Need a lift to the airport, Senator?"


And speaking of hilarious, check out Wanda Sykes on Leno, talking about the "Bail Out" and Sarah Palin...

"It's welfare for the rich, that's all it is."

She is a very funny lady.

FYI: I am flying to Atlanta, GA tomorrow for a few days, then to Asheville, NC for a few more days, THEN to Ohio for a week (to visit the family), so I'll be doing my best to post in each place over the next two weeks (depending on my access to a high-speed Internet connection, which may not be available all the time).

I forget that not everyone is connected to the Interbots in the same way I am out here in LA.

I wonder if I can upload photos using two cans and some string?

Mental note: Pack two cans and some string.


Rev. Gabrielle Michel said...

You will have plenty of high speed internet access here in Asheville-YAY!

Vampire Hours said...

Whew! Maybe I'll leave the cans and string here...Can't wait to see ya' soon!