Friday, September 5, 2008

Depends, anyone?

That's what I'd need if I looked out my window and saw THAT climbing down the building!

This 50 foot high mechanical spider, La Princess, was created as part of the Liverpool Capital of Culture celebration...

The 37-ton artwork has been billed as the largest and most spectacular piece of street theatre ever staged in the UK.

Created by French company La Machine, the installation cost £1.8million to bring to Liverpool – and all but £250,000 of this was funded by the taxpayer. It has 50 axes of movement so it moves as you would expect an insect to move.'

As part of my contribution to the celebration, I would create a very large mechanical shoe, La Crusher, that would drop down on top if it.

Then, I'd do the quivering "I just stepped on a huge spider!" dance with my arms flailing about madly in all directions.

It gives me the heebs just thinking about it....

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