Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I love k.d. lang

Oh wait...it's Clay and he's gay. What do ya' say?


Regardless of his countless denials over the years, I still think it's great that he (and a few others in the smoke and mirrors world of celebrity) came out.

Not just so "we" have confirmation (that shouldn't matter), but so he can finally relax and enjoy his life to the fullest.

Maybe now he'll be able to live a happier life where he doesn't have to de-gay himself in fear at every turn. I do give him credit for choosing to be open and honest, especially considering the rabid fan-base of Claymates that are out there paying his bills. Hopefully, they'll be supportive and understanding.

However, it still doesn't make me like his music any better. Some things can't be changed by a magazine cover or a new baby.

I do hope that new daddy Ricky Martin gets People magazine...

I think he and Clay have so much more in common than Ricky's ready to admit.

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