Monday, February 14, 2011

Eggs-it interview


It was a big night for Lady Gaga last night. First she got some one-on-one time with Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes.

I thought it was a pretty interesting interview and that she seems very smart about understanding and controlling her celebrity and appears to just be herself all the time, which I like.

I am surprised they didn't incorporate the footage of her crying in the stairway into the regular interview. I think it really would have made for a nice moment of realism amongst all the costume changes and "fame" talk.

Then, of course, she opened the Grammy Awards last night (and also won two awards) emerging from an egg and singing her new single, "Born This Way", from her upcoming album.

I am not quite sure what the shoulder horns are supposed to be, unless it's a statement about people being born with differences and that we should be accepting of all of them.

Or...that people are just born horny.

I guess they both kind of work.

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