Friday, February 18, 2011

Super Men


Entertainment Weekly interviews the new Superman, Henry Cavill, about his audition for the role.

Henry Cavill has said that he was made to wear a replica outfit worn by Christopher Reeve in the 1978 Superman movie during his audition for the lead in the reboot.

I would think that would be like trying on underwear you find in a thrift store.

No, thanks.


Channing Tatum is on the cover of GQ magazine talking about his career.

On landing bigger and better roles. “No one’s calling me for lawyer roles. I still have a lot to do to prove myself.”


Yeah...that photo doesn't really scream "I object, your Honor!"

And, here is the first photo of Kellan Lutz, as sea God Neptune, in the upcoming movie Immortals.


Kellan and Channing wouldn't make believable lawyers.

Unless they were representing Matthew McConaughey.


Boston Mark said...

OK - I'm no sci-fi fan, but isn't Captain America being played by Chris Evans??
You may have your hunks mixed up?

Time for another martini, Louise...

Vampire Hours said...

OMG...I did get them confused...duh. Thanks for pointing it out, Larry. I definitely could use many martinis right now. Many....