Friday, June 8, 2012



The CW is going to have to sell a lot of THAT, to get anyone to watch their new fall series Arrow.


After watching the trailer, I just don't see the hook in focusing on a character who shoots arrows really well being someone I'd want to watch every week (I mean, how many arrows can one person carry on them at any one time and still manage to out-shoot any number of guns that will likely be pointed at him?).

Here is the trailer...

It's not like he can fly, see through metal, or turn back time (only Cher can do that).


I think their best bet is to just focus on the abs of the lead, Stephen Arnell, and hope that distracts enough from the thin "I hope I brought enough arrows to defeat this motley crew of thieves!" setup.


Now, if it was a workout show...they might be on to something.

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